How to post an ad?

Posting an ad is easy.

Go to >>Post an ad for free >> Sell >> next >>

Then choose the category of your product. On the next page fill in all the details of your product including expected price, year of manufacture, pictures, etc. Click on next >> The next page will require some other details including location. Click on Submit and your ad is live.

How to add a picture?

When you reach the page where the details of your product have to be filled, there is an option for adding the pictures of your product. You can add any number of pictures in the formats allowed.

Is it necessary to add a picture of the product?

Although it is not necessary to add pictures of the product, ads with pictures are seen to achieve more views. Pictures add credibility to the description of your product. And it takes only a few seconds.

Is it necessary to add a description of the product?

Yes, a description of the product is necessary. It can be a brief one but we advise you to mention all the important information of the product to make your product more buy-able for the viewer.

How to edit my ad?

In order to edit an ad, one need to go his ad page, where one can find a edit button on top left corner.

For how long does my ad stay live?

The Ad stays live according to wish of ad creator, if its valid.

What are exclusive ads?

Exclusive ads are ads that are kept on the top of the page for each category making your ad visible to more consumers for longer durations thus helping you sell your products faster.

What is the validity of an exclusive ad?

For a period of 1 month.

How much does it cost?

There are verious plans for exclusive ads starting from Rs 200 per month.

How do I make my ad a premium ad?

You can make an ad premium by buying available packages.

When does the ad go live?

The Ad goes live when the posting is sumbitted and completed.

Can the money be refunded?

No, money can't be refunded.

Can the exclusive ad be edited?


What are the available modes of payment?

Currently, only online payment using credit/debit card and Netbanking is available.

Where the ad appears?

The Ad apprears at the respective category page in which you have posted the ad.

Why has my ad gone down on the page?

As new ads in your category are added the older ads go down on the search page.

What can I do to keep my ad on top of the search results?

To keep your ad on the top, make your ad a premium ad.

Why was my ad deleted?

Your ad was may be deleted because of the following reasons:

1) It might be identical to a previously posted ad

2) It might be inappropriate

3) It might have expired

What are identical ads?

Ads having similar content to ones previously posted are identical ads. We do not allow identical ads as it prevents consumers to view all of their choices as their search feeds are filled with same ads.

Which ads are considered inappropriate?

Wrong, Offensive, Misleading, Junk ads are considered inappropriate.

What should I do if my ad is not getting views?

If your ad is not getting views you can try to edit it using appropriate keywords so that it appears on our search pages. Also, you can make your ad an exclusive ad or use the highlight feature which provides greater visibility to your ad.

How many free ads can I post?

Currently there is no limit. In future limit may be applied.

How can I find a product that I need?

Search for the product you desire on the home page. You will be taken to the page having products in your desired category.

Are the products on top the best matches for my search?

As new ads are posted in a category, the older ads go down. The products on the top of the page are just the ads recently posted. They may or may not be the best match for your needs. Make sure you scroll down to find the perfect offer for you.

How do I show interest in a product?

One can use send enquiry tab in order to contact seller.

Is it possible to negotiate with the seller?

To negotiate or not is solely the sellers choice. All negotiations are between you and the seller. Ledena does not take part in any negotiation.

What is the mode of payment for the product/item i want to purchase?

The mode of payment is to be decided between you and the seller. We advise you to pay only after delivery of the product.

When do I have to make the payment?

All payment discussions are between you and the seller. The seller may ask for an advance or you may pay the whole amount after delivery, whatever suits you and the seller.

What if the product doesn?t turn out to be as promised?

Ledena does not take any responsibility for the products. We advise you to check the product quality before making the complete payment.

Is it necessary for me to share my number?

Yes it is necessary to share number so that we know you are genuine seller.

Is my number shared on my advertisement?


Does ledena charge any commission on the transactions made?

No, ledena does not charge any commission. We allow you to buy and sell for free.

Do the loan options allow me to pay through the platform?

No, the loan option just helps you connect with various banks ready to provide you with the loan. We only act as a connecting link between you and the bank.